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June 11, 2008

Two Suggestions to Help SL Scale

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LL has a problem.

This year has been especially rough. April saw a huge drop in availability, the worst month we’d had in a long time. June is seeing its own trouble, with downtime or severe stability issues every single day for the last 12 days [as of 6/10/08; source]. March was my all-time best month of sales, but in April my sales dropped to more than 30% below normal levels. I know this wasn’t just my products, but a trend that affected many retailers in SL. April’s availability drop also brought with it a huge number of failed transactions and lost inventory, with frequent warnings from LL to “avoid transactions as necessary” during database trouble. The bottom line: customer confidence is way down, and many customers and retailers are losing money, while LL scrambles to keep the grid afloat.

I have two ideas that could alleviate the situation, which I’ll present below.


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