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November 25, 2007

JIRA drama

Filed under: JIRA — lex @ 5:07 pm

Apparently I was the catalyst of some major JIRA drama.

For those new to the game, JIRA is a product by Atlassian that helps software developers keep track of a monstrously huge pile of bug reports and feature requests. It helps organize issues in relation to each other so that the huge pile of information can be presented in an intelligible manner.

Linden Lab has used JIRA internally for a long time, and this year, with the advent of their open source client, they opened a new instance of JIRA to the SL public, called the “Public JIRA” or “PJIRA”. It’s for us in the community to track issues that affect SL, provide technical information, and help fellow residents by providing more information on the bugs they report. It’s a HUGE step forward in allowing the community to communicate with LL, and I really want to see it succeed. Before this, all we had was the Bug Report black box, and we had no idea if LL had even read what we reported.


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