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The not-so-subtle irony of SRE Weekly is that itself is really not very reliable at all[1]. It’s a little t3a.micro instance held together with duct tape and shell scripts. There’s no monitoring. It runs out of disk space constantly and I don’t find out until my email goes suspiciously quiet. The only thing going • Read More »

Software engineering responses to COVID-19 — My take on REA’s Webinar

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Last week, the Resilience Engineering Association held a webinar, Software engineering responses to COVID-19.  Here they use Software Engineering to differentiate from all the other fields they cover under the umbrella of Resilience Engineering. The webinar panelists were John Allspaw, Nora Jones, and Dr. Richard Cook, with the venerable Laura Maguire moderating.  I really enjoyed • Read More »

SRECon19 Americas interesting tidbits

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I’m on my way home from SRECon19 Americas, and it was incredible. Lots of really awesome folks had things to say that made me think. Thanks to all of you for speaking! Plenty of people are going to do recaps and have already done live tweetstreams. Instead of taking notes on everything, this year I • Read More »